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There are 4 models in total, DH12 and DT16C are good for bedrooms: common room and master room, up to 45m2, DH24 comes with WiFi, and compount HEPA filter, it is a combination of air purification and air dehumidification, for bedroom and living room, up to 65m2, DH70 is for a whole house up to 180m2.

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Product Specifications:

LifePro DH12

Dehumidification: 12L/D (30℃,80%RH)

Norminal Dehumidification: 0.28kg/h (27℃,60%RH)

Rated Power: 230W

Product Size: W255*D220*H460mm

Weight: 11kg

Water Tank: 2.1L

LifePro DT16C Pro

Dehumidification: 12L/D (30℃,80%RH)

Norminal Dehumidification: 0.28kg/h (27℃,60%RH)

Rated Power: 200W

Product Size: W328*D197*H508mm

Weight: 10.6kg

Water Tank: 2.L

LifePro DH24

Dehumidification: 24L/D (30℃,80%RH)

Norminal Dehumidification: 0.51kg/h (27℃,60%RH)

Rated Power: 280W

Product Size: W355*D260*H565mm

Weight: 13.5kg

Water Tank: 5L

LifePro DH70

Dehumidification: 70L/D (30℃,80%RH)

Norminal Dehumidification: 1.68kg/h (27℃,60%RH)

Rated Power: 820W

Product Size: W460*D319*H710mm

Weight: 27kg

Water Tank: 8L

Warranty service location: 3 Gambas Crescent, 757088, Nordcom One, #04-04.

If quality issue happens when you receive it, or in the first week, we will arrange exchange for you. After the 1st week, you can bring to our service location for repair or exchange (if repair is not available). Thanks!

Lifepro dehumidifier

Comes with 4 wheels, can move the machine flexibly

5 Stars good reivew can extend to 24 monthes SG warranty

Under 80% RH, and 30 degrees temperature.

DH12- 12L/D

DT16C Pro- 12L/D

DH24 - 24L/D

DH70 - 70L/D