Airbot Aura 19000Pa, Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Stick Portable Vacuum Dust Mite Dust Sensing Magnetic Charger

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--- Overview ---

Ambient colorful RGB LED provides a joyful, relaxing home cleaning experience. Ring light color smartly changes between blue, green, yellow, red when vacuum speed is adjusted or different dust amount is detected. New magnetic charging port can be quickly released, locked, self aligned with charging port, experience hassle free re-charging.

--- Feature ---

- RGB light automatically changes between blue / green when speed is adjusted

- RGB light automatically changes green - yellow - red when different dust amount is detected

- Magnetic charging port, self alignment, quick release, automatic connect and fast re-charge, hassle-free

- New noise cancellation barrier, significantly reduce high pitch noise for comfortable and quiet cleaning

- Does not disturb kids busy with homework or husband working from home

- 1.2KG slim handle, balanced weight, grab it and clean curtain, table, bed without feeling muscle soreness

- User can feel and see dust cleaning process for sure

- Front release dust cup, extra O-ring to prevent tiny particle leakage

- Medical grade HEPA filter, remove 99.97% invisible dust particles

- Multiple stage cyclone filter, use high spin G force to compress hair, fur into ball, instantly separate from air flow

- Crevice nozzle, can reach deep corner, gaps, edges of shelves, cabinets, sofa to clear hidden dust

- Soft brush gently brush wood furniture surface, keyboard, car seat cushion, prevent scratch mark

- All HEPA, fluffy roller, dust cup, cyclone are removable and washable, minimal maintenance cost

--- Add on Purchase ---

Vacuum Stand

Mite Brush

--- Specifications ---

Handle weight | 1.2KG

Dust cup capacity | 0.8L

Battery capacity | 2200mAh Li-Ion

Suction power | up to 19000Pa

Motor power | 150AW

Motor speed | 120,000 RPM

Operating time | up to 35mins*

Charging time | 4 Hrs

Sound level | 60 dB*

Voltage | 110 - 240V AC, 50/60Hz

Package size | 650 x 280 x 130 mm

Safety mark, SIRIM

--- Warranty T&C ---

Warranty is automatically activated when product is shipped to buyer. Airbot warranty covers major electronics components and motor.

It DOES NOT cover :

1. Any damages due to human mistake, misuse, misconduct

2. Scratches, dent marks, or any other mechanical mark on product

3. Degradation of battery

4. Consumable parts such as fluffy brush, HEPA filter, roller wheels, dust cup, which are subjected to wear and tear

For warranty service, you are hereby agree that

1. After engineer inspection, faulty components will be replaced with brand new components

2. Warranty returning fee is borne by buyers, re-delivery fee is borne by seller.

3. Once product is unboxed and item is used, option to return / refund is no longer accepted due to warranty activation and hygiene reasons

Notice :

***** Please note Airbot vacuums are only designed for home cleaning purpose. It is not for renovation, construction, garden or other industrial / commercial cleaning, and this will not be covered under warranty. *****

--- Content Inside Box ---

1 x Vacuum handle motor

1 x Built-in battery

1 x Washable dust cup

1 x Cyclone

1 x Washable stainless steel filter

1 x Washable E13 HEPA filter

1 x Wind pipe

1 x Motorized floor brush, washable fluffy roller

1 x Soft brush

1 x Crevice nozzle

1 x Charging adapter ( U.K. 3-pin )

1 x User manual